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Something Boring

I Take It All To Heart

the foof
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It's all good in the hood ♥

my journal is very lovey-dovey, very girly, day-dreamy, almost exaggerated and definitely aggravated; mostly rants about my feelings while living my life.

If someone is offended, get over yourself, because things change/really mean nothing anyway. its minuscule & like immaculate conception, its awesome!


- Ms TR ♥
"real" kinky people, 100catsworld, accents, acrobats, adding -ay to words, adding myself, alexander the great, andriod 17's voice, android 17, aries, baby marcello, bad guys, being an adult, being beautiful, being smart, being somewhat skanky, belly dancing, bettsy johnson dresses, bold letters, british people, captain sagara, cat, cat's voice, catchy music, cats, catzy, cedric bix-la, chibi's, circus, circuscircus, cirque du soliel, colin firth, college life, comedy, compliments, comps, cool color music thoughts, crying, cutey dima, da mars volta, dancing, daydreaming, destroyers, duets, electropop, europe, european discos, european middle class, european pop, excelling, flowers, foofness, foreign music, gael garcia bernal, gary johnson, german turks, germany, getting on stage, getting over it, growing into myself, growing older, guy who played javert, hair stuff, hanging out, hatsuhara and yuki, head rubs, hookah's, hot arab men, hot guys, hot people, hot underdogs, hotels, howl's moving castle, hugging, icarlos, icons, javert's pieces, jessica, jokes, keeping it real, kisses, kittens, large penis', las vegas, laughing, life, lingerie, lisa's substitute episode, love, loving, making icons, making it, making me icons, making money, massages, me, meeting people, mfom, money, movies, music, neon colors, nephrite and molly, nicknames, o-zone, old spanish pop, parades in berlin, pecans, philosophy, placebo, poetry, polish acrobats, prince eric and vanessa, re-memories, reactions, remembering, romania, rubius and catzy, russian acrobats, russians, sacha baron cohen, sailor moon villains, sea green and turquoise, shameless, shimmery awesome, singing, smart older men, smart younger men, sophisticated lady, suli, suli t.r, summer nights, sunflower seeds, t.v, tarkan, tongue rolls, touch, trapeze artists, traveling, trig class, vanessa, watching myself smoke, weed, witty lines